Societal Engagement

Bayer Vietnam supports local community to improve health and living conditions as well as create a platform for children to explore, to learn and have fun with science, encouraging their curiosity about life and surroundings.

  • Partnership with Anh Duong Community Development & Support Center to help rural communities in Mekong Delta have a better living condition (four-year project).

  • Provide financial support to OUCRU, a NGO focusing on initiatives which bring science to the forefront of people’s minds in an engaging and entertaining way, to promote children education, creating fun learning activities at primary schools through hands-on, inquiry-based science learning, employee volunteerism and public
  • Engage internal volunteers to join hands for community works.

Bayer Vietnam’s CSE activities photos

Bayer joins hands to help underpriviled people in the Mekong Dealta improve livelihoods


 Bayer Science Kids Day 2017