Crop Science


From the very beginning of its operation in Vietnam, Crop Science Division has achieved sustainable growth thank to the market of crop protection products for rice.


Bayer’s crop protection products including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and SeedGrowth for key crops all over Vietnam. We also introduce to the market varieties of hybrid rice seeds and vegetable seeds as well as professional Environmental Science products.


With the aim to support the farmers to increase productivity and product’s quality sustainably, Crop Division has launched the “Much More Rice” program. Through integrated solutions including application of seeds, crop protection products, innovative cultivation methods and training, we would like to support the farmers to optimize the inputs, increase yield and through that improve profitability. After its successful launching in Vietnam, the program continues to be implemented in ASEAN countries, India and China.


In 2014, we had expaned the very successful “Much More” solution into coffee. Coffee hold the second place after rice on the value of Vietnam’s agricultureal exports. The company is looking for opportunities to apply the “Much More” solution on other key crops, such as grapefruit.


Crop Science Division actively develops copperation in crops value chain, as well as establish business model with local food producers in order to bring transparency as well as improve food safety for consumer. The “Much More Rice” has been rasied to new high with the launching of Rice Value Chain project – to strengthen the partnership with the local authorities, retailers and other related factions. The project also provides training for farmers and field counseling.